University Projects

Lego Builder using the Leap Motion controller (Unity3D, C#, Leap Motion). University group project. Course: 3D Interaction and User Interfaces. Role: placement & rotation of bricks with Leap Motion as one and two-handed input.

Mission 42: Exploring Space. A procedurally generated multi-player voxel game in which you visit planets and collect resources (Unity3D, C#). University group project. Course: Architecture and Algorithms of Computer Games. Role: GUI programming, random name generation for collectible resources (using Markov chains), game logic.

Augmented Line Bouncer. Bounce over a paper-drawn level in real-time. Uses camera tracking and the Metaio API (C++, Metaio). University project. Course: Technologies and Tools of User Interfaces.

Implementation of the Raycaster algorithm (C++, Qt). University group project. Role: implementation of the raycasting algorithm and drawing based on the map created in the map editor.


Games and game-like projects made during my education