Personal Projects & Game Jams

Ludum Dare 34. “Compass”: a short game about the long-term process of overcoming fears. It was intended as an experimental / personal / abstract / alternative game. Solo project, created in Construct 2. The game jam theme was “Two-button controls” and/or “Growing”.

Selfcarejam 2017. “Altitude”: a relaxing cloud experience. Unity3D/C#.

ExileJam 2016 [Work in progress]. “Balance”: a local two-player game experiment in expressing the dynamics of relationships between two people through game mechanics. Collaboration with Julia Lotzow. Role: programming and design. Unity3D/C#.

Lowrezjam 2016. “Bonfire”: experimentation with particle systems, loosely intended as a metaphor for suffocating relationship. Unfinished. Unity3D/C#.

Ludum Dare 36. “Nothing is Silent”: not even the clouds. Unity3D.

Ludum Dare 35. “Splash 'n Shift”: a soothing bubble-popper experience. Unity3D. Experimentation with particle systems.

InnoGames Jam 2016: “MaskMania”: battle your friends within an arena, last one standing wins! Group project, participated as a Unity3D/C# programmer.

Headstart Game Jam 2015. “SolarClap”: A 4-person clapping game using an 8-piece custom controller where you clap to the beat in order to power up the sun. Group project where I participated as a Unity3D/C# programmer responsible for song playback, beat and note playback, syncing. 48h game jam part of the Headstart Summer School, September 2015.

Global Game Jam 2015. “Picturescape”: Escape from a self-selected image by collecting balloons and avoiding spiky creatures. A group project where I participated as a Unity3D/C# Programmer. Responsible for: GUI, menu, game logic.


This is a selection of game jam and one game a month games. I love making small playthings, both for getting more familiar with Unity and, of course, to unleash my creativity!
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